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The Blue Bee

Charming Cluckers - Chicken Pillow Applique Workshop

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Charming Cluckers - Chicken Pillow Applique WorkshopJoin us for an utterly delightful day at our "Charming Cluckers" workshop, where the love for chickens takes a creative flight into the world of sewing! This workshop is perfect for those who are absolutely crazy about chickens and crafting.


**Workshop Title: Charming Cluckers - Chicken Pillow Applique Workshop**


**Cost: $45**



Unleash your inner craftsperson in a cozy atmosphere brimming with laughter and the shared joy of creation. Our workshop is designed to guide you through the enchanting process of turned or pressed applique, focusing on the ever-charming theme of chickens.


**What to Expect:**

- A hands-on experience in crafting your very own chicken pillow.

- Step-by-step instruction on applique techniques, suitable for both beginners and seasoned sewers.

- All materials provided, including a variety of fabrics to personalize your creation.

- An opportunity to learn, socialize, and indulge in chicken-themed puns and fun.

- Leave with a finished pillow, a flurry of new skills, and perhaps a few new friends!



This full-day workshop is a haven for craft lovers, providing ample time to learn, create, and enjoy.


Spaces are limited to keep the experience intimate and engaging, so be sure to book your spot soon! Prepare for a day filled with creativity, a few feathers, and a lot of chicken sewing. Whether you're a pecking beginner or a roosting pro, we welcome you to our nest. Let's hatch some beautiful pillows together!