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Nifty Notions NNWPM Wool Pressing Mat 14in x 14in

Nifty Notions NNWPM Wool Pressing Mat 14in x 14in

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This high-quality wool pressing mat is perfect for all of your ironing needs. Made from 100% wool fibers, it is lightweight and flexible, allowing you to move it where you need it, while keeping the heat off of the surface below. As with any natural product, color may vary. 14 in x 14 in x 0.25 in

Use and Care Instructions

You can use any setting on your iron including the wool setting when ironing. We do not recommend using starch however alternatives such as Best Press can be used.

Your mat can be placed on any surface for ironing. For best results use a dry iron. Do not put your wool mat on top of a cutting mat due to the extreme sensitivity cutting mats have to heat.

Rinse by hand with cold water and hang it up to dry. A gentle rinse, do not ring the material.