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Strive for Progress not Perfection

Change into your favorite comfy clothes, grab your coffee (or favorite beverage), and join me for some time on my couch! Let's chat!

I have my own studio space in my home where I go to just be me. Do you? It is my favorite space. I designed the room around my large window that faces my backyard. And my backyard, I designed around that room! I love to look out and see my sweet hummingbirds drink sweet nectar and hum around my flower boxes. 

I have shredded paper all over my studio from my pup playing. I have brushes, wood surfaces and water cups covering my countertop.  Why do I mention all this, well because the first written picture could appear perfect yet the truth is actuality all of it is progress. It took a couple years to get the flowers to grow to attract the hummingbirds. It took a few months or stripping the room down to the studs and building it back up the way that would be more efficient for me & my business. The mess on my floor can easily be swept up every evening (I do love watching her play unless it's my new roll of stencil vinyl). 

The beauty of our life is not in perfection yet Striving to be our Best selves. The growth that we achieve by making mistakes and finding a new process or unique technique in creating. 

So when you start to feel that you must be the first IDEAL picture or perfect, remember that progress builds and perfectionism tends to tear down your growth and we start to criticize those around us. 


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  • Penny Robichaux-Koontz on

    I love this, and I love you.😘

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