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Using my God-given talents to help the community

With the onset of coronavirus throughout our country, practically bringing everything to a standstill, I wanted to find a way to serve my community throughout this crisis.

In the beginning of this pandemic, I became overwhelmed with the amount of information flooding in through the news and through Facebook. There was so much talk about nothing other than the coronavirus that it took over my mind. I tried to stop thinking about it, but it became so overwhelming it began creeping into my dreams. I needed to find some peace in all the chaos, now more than ever. This is where those hand-crafted cotton masks come in.

Some might not know by looking at the recent history on my Facebook page or by browsing my website, but I have been a seamstress my entire life. In high school, I would design my own clothing and even had aspirations of being a fashion designer. I’ve chosen to follow a different market than hand-sewed items as I grow my business, but I have always thoroughly loved reminiscing about my Grandmother’s amazing talents as I sew each piece. So when a nurse recently requested a hand-sewn cotton mask, I knew exactly how I could use my God-given talents to help my community.

Sewing cotton masks is not only a way for me to fill a need in the community, it’s a way for me to say to the virus, “you’re not going to overcome me.” This is my way of fighting back. I could allow it to overtake my mind, or I can use the talents God gave me to serve others. I have family in the healthcare field, kids in the military, and kids that still have to go to work. So this is how I took up the cause to do my part. It reminds me of my Great-Grandma who entered the workforce during WWII to support the troops, doing her part to support the cause at that time.

I feel very blessed to have a talent that is benefiting so many, especially the healthcare workers who are on the front-lines of this pandemic. As of April 10, Willis Farms has donated over 100 masks to healthcare workers! For non-healthcare workers, each tie string mask is $5 while elastic masks are $7. These costs ensure I have the means to stock supplies to continue making masks as well as to cover shipping costs associated with the surge in orders. I’m a one woman shop and these past few days of sewing masks have been hard work, but God gave me a talent and I’m here for you, my amazing customers, to do my part.

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