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Hello! Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Bray Willis- Jones; owner & lead designer of Willis Farms. I am a spouse of a retired Army Soldier & mama of four adult children (two military & two science fields) did that happen, lol! Creativity has always been my best friend. Truly, as far I can remember I created something. My hands were always doodling, cutting fabric for my doll dresses or rearranging my mom’s house! Yep, that was my childhood. I spent hours daydreaming and thinking of new ways to display things or filling empty walls with my paintings.
My style! My style is deep rooted in my childhood. I am a farm girl. Farmhouse re-purposing is what I know and love. I learned by example to use what you have so if you needed more setting in your living room, look around the farm and find something that would work. Of course, clean it up, paint it & even stencil a pretty design (oh How I miss my mama’s watercolor days). Then viola~ a creative seating solution & a conversation piece!
Due to my travels being a military wife, I fell in love with Rustic Industrial. In my dreams I would allow myself to drift off and think of living in an old abandoned factory full of wood and metal. Instead of living in a factory, it brings me inspiration. Much of my home is full of re-purposed piping with dark stained wood. I allow the natural tones to set the mood/ tone for the room & design around the warm color palette.
What I love? I am passionate about your home reflecting YOU. The deepest part of who you are and allowing that to bring you comfort. I opened Willis Farms Creative Workshops due to a need to connect through creativity. I noticed that many need a space (location) in which they can come together and just relax. What better way than to create something beautiful with your friends! I grew up with the importance of Community. The safety and growth that it brought to those the joined it. Being in a military community feeling like you are part of something can be a huge challenge & so I decided to try and create a place.
Thank you for all you do! Hope to see you soon at Willis Farms

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  • Dr. Donna Swagers on

    THANK YOU for sharing the “joy” of your creativity in your beautiful pieces! I LOVE ❤️ your website as it plays on the heart strings of my heart!
    I am SO THANKFUL dear ‘Artistic Extraordinaire’ Penny posted your website to share the beauty of your creative “joy!”
    Please keep the ‘memories ‘ through your creations coming!🙏 in this negative world, your ideas & positive words are HIGHLY valued! GREAT WEBSITE with such heartfelt & compassionate thoughts😁!🤗😘
    Donna 😉

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