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Workshop - Beginning Sewing - 6 classes
The Blue Bee

Workshop - Beginning Sewing - 6 classes

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 Basic Sewing Course Outline- January and February Lessons will be combined due to January cancellation.
Lesson One: Introduction to Sewing Machines
- A. Sewing Machine Overview
  - Introduction to all components
  - Threading the machine
- B. Machine Accessories
  - Bobbins and bobbin threading
  - Different types of needles, their uses, and changing them
  - Basic and specialty presser feet
- C. Sewing Supplies
  - Hand Sewing essentials
- First Project: Getting acquainted with basic stitching
Lesson Two: Tools and Preparation
- A. Measuring & Marking Tools
  - Essential tools: Transparent ruler, tape measure, seam gauge, fabric marking pencils, pins, and pin cushion
- B. Cutting Tools
  - High-quality scissors, rotary blade, and seam ripper
- C. Pressing Tools & Specialty Products
  - Cutting boards, point turner, glue stick, basic interfacing, and binding techniques
- Second Project: Utilizing measuring and cutting tools in a simple creation
Lesson Three: Understanding Fabrics
- Fabric Fundamentals
  - Content, varieties, and preparation for sewing
- Third Project: Applying fabric knowledge in a practical sewing task
Lesson Four: Sewing Techniques
- A. Machine Component Recap
- B. Sewing a Seam & Seam Allowance
- C. Pinning Techniques
- D. Understanding Tension
- E. Specialty Stitches
- Fourth Project: Creating a piece that incorporates these techniques
Lesson Five: Quilting Basics
- A Beginner Quilt Pattern
  - Introduction to quilting basics
- Project: Completing a simple quilt
 Lesson Six: Introduction to Clothing Patterns
- Beginning Patterns (Clothing)
  - Basic understanding and usage of clothing patterns
- Project: Creating a simple garment using a beginner pattern
Each lesson progressively builds on the skills learned in the previous sessions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of sewing basics. This structure offers a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application, making it ideal for beginners.Pricing structure:
$10 class fee.
Project fee is extra & will be added to the list of each lesson. 
Project must be purchased from The Blue Bee time of lesson.
We require a commitment to the full six months. We understand life happens ar times & we request you reschedule a make-up lesson before next class.
We request that each student attend one in-shop after hours sew session to practice & allows Q/A time.
Reserve online or in shop. We prefer that all six sessions be paid at once * no refunds*. We only allow 5 participants per class.
Average project cost runs $20 to $50.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.
Deadline to sign up January 6
Classes- second Saturday of each month at 9am to 1030am.
Thank you
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