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Pie in the Sky - Cloudpie - Grape - Tone Finnanger with Tilda

Pie in the Sky - Cloudpie - Grape - Tone Finnanger with Tilda

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Pie in the Sky fabric collection is designed by Tone Finnanger for Tilda Fabrics. Tone says this about the Pie in the Sky collection:  "Growing up, I always heard that I was an incorrigible daydreamer, never in the moment, my head constantly in the clouds. My mind would wander from the classroom into a world of shapes and colors, completely forgetting where I was. Constantly drawing and building things, often several hours went by without me being aware of it. This collection is a sweet and colorful nod to children like me who struggle with dyslexia and cope by creating alternative, creative worlds full of ideas--hence the name, Pie in the Sky. By being patient and continuing to create, you will eventually find your place in the world."

• Designer: Tone Finnanger 

 Contents: 100% Cotton Quilt Fabric

• Width: 44"/45" 

NOTE: Online fabric is sold in complete yardage only. For specialty cuts, please contact our store directly.

Please note that the fabric is cut straight off the bolt, meaning that it may not follow the print on the fabric.