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Violet Craft Seam Roller
Violet Craft Seam Roller

Violet Craft Seam Roller

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The Violet Craft Seam Roller is the perfect addition to any sewing toolkit and can be used for a wide variety of pressing needs in quilting, apparel, bags, upholstery, and more. Our tool is constructed with steel and a rounded wood barrel that focuses all pressure on the seam.


Used in place of an iron, the Violet Craft Seam Roller is excellent for foundation paper piecing and on vinyl, fusibles, or any pressing where heat can’t be applied. Take it with you for on-the-go sewing and retreats!


*This tool has moving metal parts. Oil your seam roller on a regular basis or when you feel a little resistance in the spin. Use any clear machine oil and put one drop at each side of the roller on the metal rod that runs through the wood roller. Wipe any excess oil off and make sure your wood roller is clean of oil and lint before using.