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Notions & Such

Quilting and sewing notions refer to the various tools, accessories, and supplies used in the processes of quilting (the craft of sewing together multiple layers of fabric to create a thick padded material) and sewing (the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread). We are adding to our availability weekly. 

Here's a rundown of some common quilting and sewing notions:

1. **Needles**: Various sizes and types of needles are used for different fabrics and projects.

2. **Thread**: Available in numerous colors and materials, thread is used to stitch fabric together.

3. **Scissors**: Specialized scissors for fabric cutting are an essential tool.

4. **Pins and Pincushions**: Straight pins hold fabric in place, and pincushions provide a convenient place to store them.

5. **Seam Ripper**: A tool used to remove unwanted stitches.

6. **Tape Measure and Rulers**: For measuring fabric and ensuring accurate cuts.

7. **Rotary Cutter and Mat**: These allow for precise cutting of fabric, particularly useful in quilting.

8. **Thimbles**: Protect fingers when hand sewing.

9. **Bobbins**: Spools that hold thread in the sewing machine.

10. **Iron and Ironing Board**: Used to press seams and fabric.

11. **Marking Tools**: Chalk, pens, or other tools for marking fabric for cutting or sewing.

12. **Seam Guides and Gauges**: These help in maintaining consistent seam allowances.

13. **Bias Tape Makers**: For creating binding and edges.

14. **Quilting Frames and Hoops**: Used to hold the layers of a quilt together while they are being quilted.

15. **Zippers, Buttons, and Other Fasteners**: Used as closures in garments and other projects.

16. **Elastic and Interfacing**: Used to provide structure or stretch to garments.

17. **Templates and Stencils**: Often used in quilting for consistent and repetitive shapes.

18. **Cutting Mat**: A special mat that protects the table surface and the blade of the rotary cutter.

19. **Tweezers**: Helpful in threading needles or positioning small pieces of fabric.

20. **Thread Clippers**: Small scissors designed for snipping threads close to the fabric.

21. **Pattern Weights**: Used to hold down paper patterns on fabric without pinning.

22. **Lightbox**: For tracing designs and patterns, especially in appliqué work.

These notions are designed to make the tasks of quilting and sewing more efficient and enjoyable, and each tool or accessory has a specific purpose in the crafting process. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, having the right notions can greatly enhance your sewing or quilting experience.